Are you in a hurry to get fit? Well, before you start jogging, there are a few things under the category of ‘tips for health’ you should know.

Without question, jogging is the most popular form of exercise on the planet, because virtually everyone in reasonable health can do it, even if finances dictate that they must run barefoot.

jogging warm-up

Of course, in the western world, barefoot is not preferable, except perhaps along a sandy beach. One of the nice features of jogging is that even professional grade equipment is still inexpensive, when compared to equipment for almost any other sport. To make it an even better bargain, there are no clubs to join, and no lessons to hire, you can do it whenever and wherever you wish.

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However, there are some caveats that are very important before you transform yourself from couch potato into running star. First of all, take a look at yourself. If you are out of shape from at least three months of inactivity, if you have or are recovering from an illness, or if you are over forty years of age, you should start with a full physical examination from your doctor. In addition to ruling out such problems as metabolic disorders or blood pressure problems, your doctor can examine your joints and muscles to see if they are strong enough to sustain the forces of running. She can also give you valuable diet and nutrition information that can help improve your fitness while you exercise.

In some cases, a treadmill test is helpful, not only to check your ECG but to see how you run. If you are knock-kneed, bow-legged, flat footed, or have one leg longer than the other, then special shoe inserts may be needed to prevent injury. If you are obese, remember that each step you run carries a force of three to eight times your body weight, depending on terrain. So in other words, if you are over 25 pounds overweight, try another sport first, such as walking, cycling, or swimming until you get into better shape.

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