Pandemic Stress Strategy: Step Away from the Home Office!

One of the best stress strategies has always been to take a break. The point is to reboot our bodies and brains, and to emerge fully recharged, ready to plunge back into our stresses.


The Coronaviris Pandemic has been adding stress to all of us. The latest example is a condition called Acne Mechanica and is acquired from wearing face masks, now an important feature of our pandemic defense.

Strategies For Pandemic Times

The notebook was never intended for such round-the-clock demands. However, advances in technology and changes in the workplace have led us to the notebook being our main computer.

About The Joy Of Stress

The Joy of Stress was started as an information piece for specific questions asked by my patients. In the course of a busy practice of family medicine and emergency care, I was asked by my patients to simplify the complicated steps to deal with their particular problems.

Trigger Point Injections (w/ Micro-Dissection)

Physical pain can often be caused by a mechanical source, which is why pills don’t always work. Trigger points are painful sites inside our muscles or connective tissues. They behave like a burr caught in the moving parts of our body

Stress Can Increase The Odds Of Having Left Handed Babies

Carried on the Reuters wire service, so that it will appear in every corner of the globe, the article reported that a forty year old woman is twice as likely to give birth to a left-handed child than a twenty year old woman.

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Whether it’s your mood or a feeling of anxiety, stress can affect the way you think and feel.

mind stress happiness


A variety of cardiovascular ailments can be caused by stress. But it can also help you achieve success with your important life goals. 

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The pace of change in today’s world is ever increasing and can be quite stressful. Finding ways to adapt can make stress work for you.

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Stress is the adaptation of the body and mind to CHANGE.  Not just change for the worse, as we see in daily headlines about economic disasters, costly wars, and killer viruses.  But stress is also present with change for the better: just ask anyone who has just graduated, got married, and delivered triplets (presumably not simultaneously!).

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